Start Your Career in Fashion + Art

JFM NYC Inc. is now offering classes designed to help you get your start as a designer, business owner, and artist. From sketching your designs to designing your business model, all classes offered will help you make your dreams in fashion a reality.

Classes are available via web cam or in NY coffee shops! Each class can be up to 2 hours ($20/hr) depending on your preferences.

Fashion Design + Illustration

Design Your Collection
  • Learn to draw fashion industry standard croquis
  • Color your sketches with marker and colored pencil
  • Learn about 9 heads
  • Become an expert at proportions
  • Design garments in many different fabrics
  • Create a mood board for your collection
  • 6 Week Sign Up Includes $15 For Material Fees

Fashion Business Crash Course

Business Plans + Defining your Vision
  • Learn how to make the perfect business plan
  • Define your style and target customer
  • Design a marketing plan
  • Learn about different business models in the fashion industry
  • Make mood boards and types of clothing within the industry
  • Create a brand around your vision and style
  • 6 Week Sign Up Includes $15 For Material Fees

Fashion Marketing

Market to Your Target Customer
  • Design your social media presence
  • Learn how to optimize your posts on different platforms
  • Become an expert at types of photography and photos to promote your garments
  • Start gaining an audience organically
  • Create a community around your brand
  • 6 Week Sign Up Includes $15 For Material Fees

Realistic Portrait Artwork

  • Learn about face proportions
  • Draw people live in sessions
  • Learn to draw what you see
  • Practice all types of shading techniques
  • Become an expert with different kinds of mediums (ink, pencil)
  • 6 Week Sign Up Includes $15 For Material Fees