Art & Life in NYC

Paint Fumes

Life as an artist in New York City is bizarre. I go from painting on my roof in Bushwick then finishing off my day as the only non-alcoholic drinker at a live show at Elsewhere in Brooklyn in the corner drinking coffee reading a terrible book before the indie rock artists perform. (I know – great sentence) Yes. That’s my life. Art and music and intriguing people. Sometimes while listening to Deftones (very dramatically might I add) it’s amazing to just watch people in NYC react to life. I think I’m the only person in the world who can say they’ve witnessed a British accent calling UNION square ONION square. The people who live in Bushwick are the brilliant masterminds to show up at the mini marts and delis dressed up as if they were attending an Alexander Wang show at NYFW. Must say – we have some characters in this city. Wait until I return to the coffee industry in a hot minute as a barista by day / jacket artist by night. Pray I don’t get the Frappuccino crowd.